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VETNOVA is the Animal Health & Feed Additives Division of WEST BENGAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED (WBCIL) was launched in April 2018. Vetnova manufactures and markets both (API) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, Feed Additives & other Poultry & Livestock products like Sodium Butyrate, Calcium Butyrate, Glyminstar, Chealated Minerals like Zn, Cr, Co, Fe, Mn, Se, Hi-clean, Water Sanitizer, Butyfizz, AP-789, BKC, Vetmin, Toxistop, Toxistop plus, Nutriblend, Biosel-Se, Orimix, etc. Besides Vetnova is also into custom manufacturing of Feed Additives, Vitamin premixes & Contact Manufacturing of Veterinary products.

We have started with a small unit of just 6 to 7 veterinary products. Now a day’s our count has been increased because of the positive response from our valuable customers and their faith in our product.

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West Bengal Chemical Industries Ltd is more commonly referred to as WBCIL.

WBCIL was Established in technical collaboration with a German chemicals major in the northern suburbs of Kolkata-India in 1961,

WBCIL is a cGMP, ISO 9001 – 2008 and HACCP certified company. The company’s Quality Control Department is GLP–compliant, with its test methods having gone through the rigours of Analytical Method Validation. While Fine Chemicals and Neutraceuticals continue to underpin its operations, WBCIL has expanded its range to include APIs, both inorganic and organic conforming to BP, USP and IP. Additionally, the company excels in the manufacture of Directly Compressible APIs.

WBCIL’s products now aggregate 116 in number and are as diverse as Calcium Propionate (used by the bakery and animal feed supplement industry) to Calcium Methylfolate (which has therapeutic use for folate supplementation).

WBCIL is a leading manufacturer of Chelated Minerals of Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium. Besides these, the company is engaged in the manufacture of Sodium- & Calcium- Butyrates & Propionates and also undertakes customised manufacturing of Vitamin / Mineral Premixes for Dairy / Poultry / Aquaculture.

With a current annual production of over 1500 MT of various Chemicals and APIs, WBCIL is eyeing a figure of 6000 MT by 2020 at its new and state–of– the–art manufacturing facility at Dahej, Gujarat.

WBCIL, with a staff strength of around 150 professionals and a well established customer base spanning the entire globe, from Australia to Italy, is now well placed to satisfy customer requirements from almost any part of the world.