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Proven water Acidifier for Healthy Gut

When Buty FIZZ is dissolved in water, freely available organic Butyric acid is released i.e. Sodium Butyrate on hydrolysis available as Butyric acid. Solution of Buty FIZZ have both excellent disinfecting properties and provides sufficient energy for intestinal epithelial cells side by side it repair damaged intestinal villi. It is highly effective for organic contaminants, where as undissociated Butyric acid promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibits harmful bacteria & decreases diarrhea.

Effervescent Sodium Butyrate 70%

• Energy supply for intestinal mucosa (epithelium brush border)
• Stimulation of cell differentiation (enterocytes)
• Stimulation of the multiplication of basal cells
• Increased absorption of soluble luminal calcium (mechanism not known)
• Increased exocrine and endocrine pancreas activity
• Effectively enhances intestinal absorption ability

2-3 g per 10 litre of water

Or As Directed by the Veterinarian

• 100gm, 500gm & 1 kg

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