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Calcium Propionate

A complete mold inhibitor, Anti-bacterial, Glycogenic energy source for lactating animals and calcium source

Calcium Propionate

Mold inhibitor:

• A potential mold inhibitor for animal feed and feeding stuffs.
• Maintain the feeding value and palatability of silage.

Readily available Calcium source:
• Calcium Propionate is a good soluble calcium source.
• Can easily be absorbed by the animal.

• Has a strong antibacterial effect by stopping the energy source of the bacterial proliferation.

Glycogenic energy source:
• An important source of energy for lactating animals.
• Ketosis and fatty liver is reduced by the addition of Calcium Propionate.

Compound feed 500 gm to 2 kg per ton of feed. (Up to 14% moisture)

Or As Directed by the Veterinarian

20 Kg Bag
Minimum Order Quantity – 500 Kg

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