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Glymin Star

Organic Trace Mineral Mixture for Poultry, Dairy and Aqua

Chelated Minerals is a way of presenting the essential trace minerals to the livestock in a form that is more readily absorbed and utilized by forming bonds with GLYCINE molecules

Each 1 Kg contains:



• Helps in the activation of different enzyme systems in the metabolism of Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins
• Improves Feed Conversion Ratio and carcass quality
• Improves fertility, hatchability and egg production in layer birds
• Reduces chick mortality rate
• Helps to alleviate oxidative stress as well as heat stress


• Stimulates erythropoesis and helps in maturation of erythrocytes
• Essential for proper sexual maturity and reproductive capacity
• Improves growth rate
• Improves immunity
• Maintains performance and production


• Optimizes FCR and maximises productivity
• Provides quality brood stock development
• Better digestibility and disease resistance
• Helps to develop immune response and defence mechanism

Poultry : Broiler : 400 – 500 gms per ton of feed

Broiler Breeder : 800 gm – 1 Kg per ton of feed

Layer : 400 – 500 gms per ton of feed

Layer Breeder : 800 gms – 1 Kg per ton of feed

Cattle and Buffalo : 1 kg per ton of feed

Calf, Sheep, Goat and Pig : 10 g per Day

Aqua : 1 kg per tonne of feed

Or As Directed by the Veterinarian

25 Kg Bag

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