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Best water sanitizer

HICLEAN acts as a strong oxidising agent both on the microbial cell wall and within the cell. It rapidly destroys microorganisms, spore forming bacteria, thermophilic bacteria, yeasts, moulds and viruses. It decreases the rate of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).

Hydrogen peroxide – 26.5%
Peroxyacetic Acid- 4.9%
Inert ingredients – 68.6%

• Water sanitizer provides broad spectrum biocidal activity.
• Eleminates the disease causing pathogens viz., Gram +ve as well as Gram -ve bacteria, virus, fungi, mycoplasma, spores and protozoa with at least 14 days residual efficacy.
• Extremely safe for poultry without having any adverse effects.
• Removes all organic contamination, including Biofilms and manganese deposits.
• Completely biodegradable and decomposes to water, oxygen without having toxic residues.
• Can be used as a sustanable disinfectant in aquaculture, which is termed as ORGANIC AQUACULTURE.
• Highly stable and effective at wide ranges of pH and temperature.
• Effective against fin rot, tail rot, dropsy, cloudy eye condition and other parasitic and protozoan diseases of fish.



Dilution in water




Water sanitization

• Routine sanitization

• During viral or bacterial diseases

• In acute cases of bacterial infection like E. coli 



1ml in 10 Ltr


2ml in 10 Ltr for 3 days


5ml in 10 Ltr for 3 days


All drinking water


Pipe line flushing 


20ml in 10 Ltr Keep pipe lines filled for 30 min to 1 hour 
Hatching eggs disinfection  2.5ml in 1 Ltr Spray method 
Incubators and hatchers  20ml in 1 Ltr Spray and mop 
Incubator tanks  2.5ml in 1 Ltr Rinse and mop 
Terminal disinfection of empty sheds  20ml in 1 Ltr Spray using high pressure pump 
Disinfection of sheds in presence of birds/ animals  10ml in 1 Ltr 


Spray method keeping nozzle towards ceiling 
Plastic equipments  20ml in 1 Ltr Soak for 30min 
Metal equipments  10ml in 1 Ltr  Soak for 30min 
Feed rooms and stores  10ml in 1 Ltr  Spray method 
Foot bath/ vehicle wheel dips  10ml in 1 Ltr  Add daily 
Fishery 1 Ltr in 1 bigha Add homogeneously

8 Ltr & 25 Ltr

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