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Broad spectrum mycotoxin adsorbent and potential antifungal

Toxistop is an activated broad spectrum, dipolar phyllosilicates specially formulated to adsorb and retain all major mycotoxins including Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin and T-2 up to 5000 ppb level. It’s antifungal organic acid also protect feed from fungal infestation

Formulated dipolar phyllosilicates, Propionic acid, Acetic acid, Benzoic acid and Sorbic acid.

• Provides excellent absorption of wide range of mycotoxins like Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin and T-2.
• Reduces the chances of toxins transfer from breeder to chicks.
• Improves immunity.
• Reduces chances of immune-suppression.
• Improves titre level of vaccines.
• Protect feed from mold infestation to limit mycotoxin level.
• Improves bag life of feed.
• Prevent caking of feed
• Helps to maintain gut health.

1.0 kg per ton of feed.
(The dosing depends on quantum of toxin infeed, kind of bird, age, and moisture content of ingredients)
Or As Directed by the Veterinarian

20 KG

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